Advocacy has been a focus for the Ottawa Arts Council since it’s inception in 1982. We believe in the social and economic importance of a strong local cultural sector. Often working in collaboration with partners we have consulted, represented, educated and coordinated actions at times of crisis and times of opportunity.

The approval of a renewed Action Plan for Arts, Heritage and Culture by the City of Ottawa provides a blueprint that includes strategies for action until 2018. The Plan respects the priorities of hundreds of collaborators and participants who provided their input and insights. To ensure that we remain on track, we need to keep future conversations current, responsive and reflective of the Recommended Actions and the stated Investment Plan.

In addition to advocating to the public and business community, the Ottawa Arts Council monitors developments of arts policy at all levels of government and is especially diligent during preparation for elections and over the course of campaigns.

Action Plan for Arts, Heritage and Culture (PDF - 1.6MB)