Artists – you can help us start a conversation about homelessness

Marianne Long

In today’s world, who is considered an artist? Shepherds of Good Hope is reaching out to the Ottawa arts community to invite you to add your creative voice to ArtSpeaks - a different kind of art event. Taking place on October 20th at Ottawa City Hall, we invite you to join us as we challenge the myths and misperceptions of what it means to be homeless or vulnerably-housed.

At the heart of ArtSpeaks is our mission: at Shepherds of Good Hope, we are creating community for all through acceptance, compassion and care. As part of our innovative programming, clients are provided with the opportunity for creative self-expression through art and music.  Some clients who have stayed with us during difficult periods of their lives have even had their talents displayed at renowned galleries in Ottawa and elsewhere. And yet, we would often see that when they attempted to sell the same pieces on our city streets, most people would blindly pass them by.    

By interspersing art from clients of Shepherds of Good Hope with art from community artists, we hope to foster meaningful conversations about how we think about people that we see on the street.  The men and women that we serve have hopes, and dreams, and talents, like everyone else. They're so much more than 'homeless' to us.

Call for submissions

Please help us tell their story. We are currently welcoming entries from local established and emerging artists of all disciplines. You are invited to be part of the dialogue by submitting your piece(s) to be displayed for sale at ArtSpeaks. For full details on how to submit your artwork for consideration, including artist commissions, please visit our event website. An independent professional will curate the final selection of art for the event. We’re accepting submissions until September 1.

Please contact:

Marianne Long
Shepherds of Good Hope
613-789-8210 ext 237