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The Morning After… Money & Data Matters

Alison Atkins

“The morning after” conjures up just so many possibilities!

Not only did we have FUN, but we traveled a vulnerable path together…sharing what’s important, our hopes and dreams, how confused and frustrated we get about the tough stuff, and how much we want to learn, to grow and achieve.  Not just solo, but together!

A romantic time? Not!  Well maybe, if you think it so to identify and lay plans to solve the nuts and bolts challenges of your arts organization!

Twenty plus keen Arts Administrators and Artists, working to create sustainability, gathered to be the Creative Capital Exchange workshop on “Data and Money Matters”.

They added to and explored details of the ten key themes that emerged from Launch Night, September 16th, producing 15 flip chart pages of ideas, concerns and hopes for better ways to manage the myriad aspects of keeping the smallest, or highly complex, of arts organizations running smoothly, and with privacy, and security for their members, donors and sponsors.

Enthusiastic engagement, mutually curious, candid and supportive sharing of common challenges, and ambitious visioning of the future ideal, characterized a noisy, and dynamic two hours of creative problem identification.  The culmination? Clarification of  future learning sessions participants want to access, so they and colleagues in the Ottawa Arts Community can learn, grow and achieve solid sustainability in their organizations.  Bottom line?  “The Arts add important value, and values, to the community – modeling smart, sophisticated systems and processes in healthy Arts organizations, is one way to prove it!”