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Welcome Erica and Braelyn

Braelyn Cheer

This month the Ottawa Arts Council is proud to introduce our two newest members: Erica and Braelyn. They will be working with us for the next few months to help organize events and manage our website, among other things. 

BBraelyn Cheerraelyn Cheer is a grade eleven student at Canterbury High School, where she is in the Literary Arts program. As a part of the Arts Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM), she elected to do Cooperative Education at the Ottawa Arts Council, where she knew her work would help other artists progress and grow on their own artistic journey. 

Braelyn has a passion for all things literature, whether it be written, such as novels and poetry, or spoken, such as scripts and song lyrics. She dreams of one day publishing her very own book, and continues working in an effort to reach her goal. Braelyn enjoys editing others’ writing as it allows her to help them improve their craft, as well as providing her with fresh material to read! 

When she isn’t writing or working, Braelyn can be found curled up with a book in her hands and her dog in her lap. She enjoys riding horses and playing ultimate frisbee with Wicked, Ottawa’s junior girls’ competitive team. 

Erica HerseyErica Hersey is the Artist Liaison at the Ottawa Arts Council, where she directs and works with potential and participating artists of the OAC’s annual Luck! event. She is also part of the RBC Career Launch program, where she and 99 other selected students across Canada are given the chance to jump start their careers. She holds a BA in International Business, where she majored in International Marketing and Trades and minored in Japanese. She has studied at Carleton, and spent a year in Asian Studies at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan. Erica also has a certificate in Digital Strategy and Web Communications from the University of Toronto. 

When she is not hard at work for the Ottawa Arts Council, Erica holds a part-time job as a Fragrance Consultant. Erica also enjoys bouldering and hiking with her friends, where she has the chance to explore nature. If ever you are looking for Erica, you can likely find her on a date with her one true love: ice cream!