Dance on Screen Provides a Glimpse of Wonder

Monday, December 4, 2017

Despite the looming threat of the first snowfall of the year, the Ottawa Arts Council welcomed a large group to its second OnView event of the year.

In the darkness of the Arts Court Studio, we had the opportunity to experience the art of movement captured on film, films from four very different perspectives, created by four very different artists.

The screening kicked off with the premiere of the work of Yasmine El Mansouri, the Ottawa Arts Council’s 2017 Young Artist Award recipient. Yasmine’s film, Ô Ka Dence, took us on a mesmerizing round-the-town trip of many different dance troupes in Ottawa.

Ephemeral by Marie-Pier Chayer Demers juxtaposed the grace of the dancer with the everyday scenes of life in Ottawa.

Timothy Smith, in Moving Gaze, broke dance down into a series of movements and then built it up again by combining movement and stop-motion long exposure photography to create a kind of ghostly digital flipbook.

Izabel Barsive combined poetry and improvised dance in her piece, Lola the wind. The film followed the footsteps of Lola, who is at once extroverted and unsure. Izabel captured Lola’s lonely figure in a series of dreamy scenes.

The screening was followed by an interactive panel with the artists in which we were able to gain insight to their creative process and the practicalities of creating dance on film (hours and hours of editing!).

The Ottawa Arts Council would like to thank the artists, Yasmine El Mansouri, Marie-Pier Chayer Demers, Timothy Smith and Izabel Barsive for participating and the many dance fans who joined us.

The Ottawa Arts Council would also like to acknowledge Ian Capstick and Shawn Dearn, the donors of the Young Artist Award and SAW Video, for their support of Izabel’s and Tim’s productions.