Business and the Arts Recognition Award

Nominations are now closed

The Business and the Arts Recognition Award was initiated in 1994 to recognize and encourage support from Ottawa’s business community to the local arts sector. Nominators are asked to submit a letter outlining the business’s involvement in the local cultural community, and how they have helped to support Ottawa’s artistic community.

The award recipient will receive a limited edition print by Geraldine Taylor from her “Ode to the Experimental Farm” series as well as an annual Corporate Patron Membership to the Ottawa Arts Council.

Past recipients

How to Apply

An individual may be nominated by filling out this form and gathering the required supporting documents, including a letter of nomination. The completed package should be submitted by to before the deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees for this award must:

  • Be nominated by an individual or group who may not endorse more than one business per year. 
  • Be a business that has operated in the National Capital Region (defined as 75 km from Parliament Hill) for the previous two years.
  • Be a business that supports the arts in Ottawa.
  • Not have previously received this award.
  • Not currently be supporting the Ottawa Arts Council or its programs.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The nominee fully meets the eligibility criteria.
  • The breadth and impact of the nominee’s support on the Ottawa arts community.


The Ottawa Arts Council is engaged in applying an equity lens to our programs, as such, we strongly encourage applicants from Indigenous and equity-seeking communities to self-identify.

Support Documents

These documents will help the jury better understand the nominee’s role in enriching the cultural life in Ottawa.

The Nomination and Support Documents must be submitted by email to Incomplete or late packages will not be reviewed by the jury.

Please include the following documents in the application in 12 pt font:

  • Completed Form
  • Short Biography
    A short bio describing the nominee in 100 words or less.
  • Letter of Nomination
    The nominator must provide a letter that describes their contributions to the Ottawa arts community.
  • Additional Letters of Support
    You may also include up to five pages of additional letters of support to strengthen the application..