Corel Endowment Fund for the Arts Award Recipients

Anjali Patil

Anjali Patil

The Corel Endowment Fund for the Arts Award 2017 recipient

Indian dancer Anjali Patil will create a new contemporary kathak dance inspired by the poet Surdas. With the working title of Arohini, this production will feature five dancers, working together to create a collaborative tapestry and telling the story of where Indian classical dance exists side-by-side within an urban contemporary culture.


  • Anjali Patil - in support of creating a new contemporary kathak dance inspired by the poet Surdas


  • Anna Frlan - support towards realizing sculptures inspired by her residency at the Diefenbunker.


  • Manon Labrosse - support of the production of high resolution video and sound recordings for an installation work
  • Christine Mocket - support of permanent sculpture titled "Walkway" to be installed at the Somerset West Community Health Centre
  • Jocelyn Todd - support of the organization and artistic direction of a Dark Horse Dance Project



  • Roger Wilson - support for a human powered film projector titled Cinema-bike.


  • Jonathan Hobin - support for a series of photo/video work titled Cry Baby
  • Luminartists - support an interactive installation to be presented in cooperation with Nuit Blanche Ottawa
  • Joyce Westrop - support a large scale printmaking project at Enriched Bred Artists as part of Nuit Blanche Ottawa
  • Renée Yoxon & Mark Ferguson - to support the creation of a jazz co-composition project


  • Pixie Cram for the Windows Collective - to support an exterior film installation to take place in September 2011
  • Eric Walker - to purchase materials for work that will be exhibited in a solo exhibition at Cube Gallery


  • Howie Tsui – support for Celestials of Saltwater City, a multi-disciplinary project
  • John Graham – support for MOVE, a six minute stop-action and live action animated film


  • nichola feldman-kiss in support of her project the camera eye an interactive sculpture and robotic vision system


  • Izabel Barsive - support of her dance video production Lustrale II
  • Michael Sasso - support an electronic music performance combining original composition, live musicians, synthesizers and improvisation


  • Benjamin Gaillard - support for his solo theatre piece titled Le Crabe
  • Christopher Rohde - support for an experimental narrative film
  • Michelle Wilson - support for the development of a photographic installation


  • Chantal Gervais - photographic project
  • The Harrismah Duo - concert premier with new arrangements
  • Andrew O'Malley - interactive new media installation


  • Evelyn Stroobach – recording of original composition La petite danse
  • Fateema Sayani – publication of book Hipster and Poser: A Companion Guide to Ottawa, The Character of a City


  • Kahlia Scott – visual arts project
  • Anita Grace – Web site development of the Hungry Poet project
  • Juliana Pulford – set and costume design for a flamenco dance work


  • Adrian Göllner – installation of the Modern U project
  • Michèle Provost – materials costs for The Sampler exhibition
  • Alison Chung Yan – web based interactive project titled Lorenzo's Butterfly
  • Karen Gutman – choreography of new dance work


  • Line Dezainde – materials costs for installation of sculpture
  • Lynda Turner – community arts project


  • Anik Bouvrette – dance choreography
  • Artists Five – visual arts installation
  • Korbett Matthews – film production


  • Saveeta Sharma – dance presentation
  • Mathieu Derouin – film production


  • Ruby Ewen – sound portion of visual arts exhibition
  • Lori Jean Hodge – recording of music cd


  • Karl Ceisluk – commission of public art work
  • Penny McCann – distribution of film to festivals
  • Jan Irwin – script preparation for Down to Low