Corel Endowment Fund for the Arts Award Recipients

Anjali Patil


The Corel Endowment Fund for the Arts Award 2018 recipient

subDevision unites independent theatre companies in a celebration of site-specific, innovative, boundary-pushing professional work. With live theatre taking place in and around a massive party, it is an immersive experience that paves the way for further creation within the Ottawa theatre community and creates links between independent companies, as well as individual professionals in our community.


  • subDevision -  in support of independent theatre companies in a celebration of site-specific, innovative, boundary-pushing professional work.


  • Anjali Patil - in support of creating a new contemporary kathak dance inspired by the poet Surdas


  • Anna Frlan - support towards realizing sculptures inspired by her residency at the Diefenbunker.


  • Manon Labrosse - support of the production of high resolution video and sound recordings for an installation work
  • Christine Mocket - support of permanent sculpture titled "Walkway" to be installed at the Somerset West Community Health Centre
  • Jocelyn Todd - support of the organization and artistic direction of a Dark Horse Dance Project



  • Roger Wilson - support for a human powered film projector titled Cinema-bike.


  • Jonathan Hobin - support for a series of photo/video work titled Cry Baby
  • Luminartists - support an interactive installation to be presented in cooperation with Nuit Blanche Ottawa
  • Joyce Westrop - support a large scale printmaking project at Enriched Bred Artists as part of Nuit Blanche Ottawa
  • Renée Yoxon & Mark Ferguson - to support the creation of a jazz co-composition project


  • Pixie Cram for the Windows Collective - to support an exterior film installation to take place in September 2011
  • Eric Walker - to purchase materials for work that will be exhibited in a solo exhibition at Cube Gallery


  • Howie Tsui – support for Celestials of Saltwater City, a multi-disciplinary project
  • John Graham – support for MOVE, a six minute stop-action and live action animated film


  • nichola feldman-kiss in support of her project the camera eye an interactive sculpture and robotic vision system


  • Izabel Barsive - support of her dance video production Lustrale II
  • Michael Sasso - support an electronic music performance combining original composition, live musicians, synthesizers and improvisation


  • Benjamin Gaillard - support for his solo theatre piece titled Le Crabe
  • Christopher Rohde - support for an experimental narrative film
  • Michelle Wilson - support for the development of a photographic installation


  • Chantal Gervais - photographic project
  • The Harrismah Duo - concert premier with new arrangements
  • Andrew O'Malley - interactive new media installation


  • Evelyn Stroobach – recording of original composition La petite danse
  • Fateema Sayani – publication of book Hipster and Poser: A Companion Guide to Ottawa, The Character of a City


  • Kahlia Scott – visual arts project
  • Anita Grace – Web site development of the Hungry Poet project
  • Juliana Pulford – set and costume design for a flamenco dance work


  • Adrian Göllner – installation of the Modern U project
  • Michèle Provost – materials costs for The Sampler exhibition
  • Alison Chung Yan – web based interactive project titled Lorenzo's Butterfly
  • Karen Gutman – choreography of new dance work


  • Line Dezainde – materials costs for installation of sculpture
  • Lynda Turner – community arts project


  • Anik Bouvrette – dance choreography
  • Artists Five – visual arts installation
  • Korbett Matthews – film production


  • Saveeta Sharma – dance presentation
  • Mathieu Derouin – film production


  • Ruby Ewen – sound portion of visual arts exhibition
  • Lori Jean Hodge – recording of music cd


  • Karl Ceisluk – commission of public art work
  • Penny McCann – distribution of film to festivals
  • Jan Irwin – script preparation for Down to Low