Creative Capital Exchange

Ottawa’s arts community is growing bigger every day. But do our organizations have the right tools to be successful?

The Creative Capital Exchange explored the challenges we all face, and worked to create positive results. This project dealt directly with what you - the organizations - wanted to address, so we searched for the right solutions for your real issues. 

The Creative Capital Exchange was designed to strengthen the Ottawa arts community by identifying areas where organizations face challenges, and create innovative initiatives that address those issues. Through a series of dialogues, round table conversations, and interactive workshops, participants examined common areas where cultural groups need development and brainstormed ways to resolve those areas.

This project focused on three main streams:

  • Board Matters
    Non-profit boards of directors and organizational leadership

  • Finding and Tracking your Relationships
    Helping organizations understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with their partners, donors, and attendees, and tools on how to maximize these connections.

  • Online and social media strategies, understanding their value, and finding ways that work best for your needs

Please check out our resources from the following streams and past sessions:

Board Matters:

The How, What, and Why of a Board with Joel Secter, Mike Haley and Leslie Milton (2014) - video

Governance Open Mic Night (2015) - notes

Governance: Tools for Success with Maria DeFalco (2015) - ppt + notes

Idea Exchange - Successful Governance with Dr. Orlaith McCaul (2015) - documents

Treasurers' Roundtable with Julia Stewart (2015) - handout



Meet-up/Tweet-up (2014) with Kelly Rusk

Idea Exchange - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Communications with Ian Capstick (2015) - video

Idea Exchange - How to Grow Your Audience with Josh Greenhut (2015) - video

Building Your Communications with Tara Lapointe (2015) - video, ppt + notes

Social Media: Tracking Your Reach and Measuring Against Objectives with Kelly Rusk (2016) - ppt


Finding and Tracking your Relationships

Databases - Why Bother? with Elizabeth MacKinnon and Joanne Souaid (2014) - notes

Database Speed Dating (2015) - multiple documents

Idea Exchange - Relationship Management with Brian Thompson (2015) - video



Forensic Fundraising: Unearthing the (Un)Usual Suspects with Melanie Fulop (2016) - video

Idea Exchange - Grant Writing with Sean Devine (2015) - document

Case for Support with Mena Gainpaulsingh (2015) - ppt



Échange d'idées (2015) - video

Idea Exchange (2015) - Videos, documents, handouts, ppt

Wrap Session (2015)

Collaborative Conversations hosted by Creative Mornings' Sharif Virani and with panelists Peggy DuCharme, Christina Leadman, and Carole Anne Piccinin (2016) - video

(Three Brainstorming Sessions - event info only:) 

Brainstorming: Board Matters (2014)

Brainstorming: Finding & Tracking Your Money (2014)

Brainstorming: Keeping the Buzz Alive Online (2014)

The Creative Capital Exchange concluded in 2016. Thoughts from the Creative Capital Exchange are shared in these videos:

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario, the Community Foundation of Ottawa and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario, the Community                Foundation of Ottawa and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario.