Databases: Why Bother?

Databases - why bother?

This morning session discussed some of the decision-making, experiences, and resource management techniques that contribute to effective record keeping. For example:

- How does your organization track information? Do you use a database, spreadsheets, or something else?

- Are you using the information you collect the best ways possible?

- Do you know what you want from the information you collect, and how to find the answers you need?

- How do you use the information you have to attract more attendees and donors?


From this workshop, this document was compiled. Please contact Sharon Diamond for more information, or request to join the Creative Capital Exchange's private Facebook group.
Other useful documents can be found here:
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Elizabeth Mackinnon

Elizabeth MacKinnon is a dance artist and independent arts consultant, and a former public servant. She has extensive experience in arts policy and research and is currently working with Canadian Arts Data (CADAC). She has been involved in the local arts community for more than 15 years and is a former managing partner of Movement Arts Ottawa/Dance Network, and co-directs collective (gulp) dance projects.

Joanne Souaid

Joanne Souaid is the Manager of Research with the University of Ottawa’s Development office. As a prospect researcher she works closely with their team to identify potential supporters, and provide them the information they need to grow their donor base. Prior to this, Joanne spent 17 years working at TVOntario, holding a variety of positions until she was appointed Chief Stewardship Officer and On-air spokesperson for TVOntario’s Fundraising Department, where she lead a successful 30-day campaign that raised one million dollars. After leaving TVOntario, Joanne worked in the health sector until she joined the uOttawa team in 2009.


Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Location: Ottawa Arts Council offices – Micaela Fitch room, Arts Court – 2 Daly Ave.